A Case of Chronic Sinusitis

Sarah (not her real name) is 17 years old, and for the last couple of years kept on getting ill with sinusitis. She’d had lots of time off school, and has missed out on many things going on with her friends.

Every few months she’d get very severe pain in her eyes, behind her eyes and down her cheekbones. Here eyes would swell up and even staring at a wall hurt. Just moving her eyes caused a lot of pain and sometimes she didn’t feel she could move anything at all when it was at its worse.

Her teeth would ache and she had a throbbing headache.

This had been going on for 2 years.

We discussed her illnesses in great detail, looking at each symptom and how it affected her. We identified when it all started and how it had progressed.

I gave Sarah one dose of Bryonia. Here’s what her mum wrote a few months after treatment:

‘My daughter had been suffering with sinusitis almost constantly for two years. Since seeing Charlie and taking the remedies she has been clear for months now. Charlie took so much care and time to get to an understanding of the root of the problem. We are relieved, thrilled and would recommend you try homeopathy sooner than we did.’

Thank you, Homeopathy!

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