A weekend with Miranda Castro

Miranda Castro’s books are often people’s gateway into homeopathy. They are reliable, easy to use and comprehensive – not sure what else I would want really.

And if you’re in the world of pregnancy, childbirth or those early years, then her book is irreplaceable in my opinion.

But I’m not here to sell her books …

After spending a weekend learning from her, what can I pass on as the main take-homes?

1. Work hard, then things are easy
Miranda never said this, but that’s the essence I took away from the weekend.
You might have to work hard to find the right remedy.
You might have to work hard to understand how to use homeopathy.
You might have to work hard, to stick with what you know is right.
But it’s worth it.
Because we learn, and people get better.

2. Low potencies for home prescribing
12C is Miranda’s favourite potency for home prescribing.
30C is fine. 6C will often do it. But 12C is gentle, and can be repeated if needed.
Keep it low. And if it doesn’t work, ask for help from a homeopath. (Book a free chat here)

3. Homeopathy and Surgery
Homeopathy can have excellent results supporting people before and after surgery.
Anxiety and emotional stresses before can be relieved.
Recovery after can be accelerated and improved.
For individual treatment see a professional. It’s not all about Arnica.

Mainly I came away inspired to help more and more people, with this wonderful healing medicine.

Thank you, Miranda Castro.

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