What is Homeopathy?

The short answer …

The body is one complete and interconnected system. As homeopaths we treat it as just this. Homeopathy is based on the law of similars, of treating like with like. We use homeopathic remedies to treat the whole body, and restore health. There are no toxic side effects from homeopathic remedies, and they can be taken safely alongside conventional medicines.

The long answer …

If you’re interested, then please read on. If not, then know that homeopathy is awesome, and book a free 15 minute consultation with me to see how it could help you.

Homeopathic medicine has been used for over two centuries. It is based on the theory that disease is energetic, and integral to each individual person. As opposed to being caused by external factors.

The human body has amazing healing powers. Have you ever seen how quickly a baby’s skin heals? It’s an incredible thing to witness. We all have those same healing mechanisms within our bodies, they just get blocked sometimes. This is where homeopathy comes in. Homeopathic remedies can unblock the areas that are stuck, and allow you to get back onto a healthier path.

As a homeopath, I treat the whole body as completely interlinked. Personally, when I get told bad news I feel it like a heavy weight in the pit of my stomach. It might stay there for hours or days, depending on the level of emotions I experience. That’s just one example of how our emotions can be linked to our physical body. There are so many more. In fact, there are endless examples.

When a patient comes to me for homeopathic treatment, it’s important I get to know who they are and the reasons they have come to see me, in real detail. It’s in the detail that we can really see what is happening. I work to get a real understanding of exactly what is going on for my patients, and how it is affecting them. For more information on what a homeopathic consultation looks like with me, follow this link.

Following a consultation, I then match what the patient has told me to one, or more, of the thousands of homeopathic remedies we have available to us. This is a beautiful process that involves many levels of understanding – it is where the art and science of homeopathy truly come together.

Homeopathic remedies are made by diluting and vigorously shaking (or succussing) an original substance. The original substance can be anything really. From common salt, to snake poison, there isn’t much that can’t make a homeopathic remedy. There are different forms and categories of remedies these days, as all systems of medicine grow and evolve. All remedies are made by strict guidelines and processes.

Each remedy is matched to a set of symptoms that the original substance could cause in a healthy person. A good example is a remedy called Allium cepa, whose original substance is the onion. What would you expect if you started cutting up an onion? Maybe streaming eyes, that feel like you really want to rub them. Your nose might start running a lot with a watery discharge, which might burn. In extreme cases, you could also get a dull headache, which gets better once you go into the fresh air. These are the same symptoms that Allium cepa, as a homeopathic remedy, can help.

Homeopathic remedies initiate a healing response in your body, to help it do what it does best – heal you. They are gentle and work with your body.

Curious about how Homeopathy could help you?

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