Are Knackered and Pregnant the same thing?

Is it ‘normal’ to feel exhausted in pregnancy?

Is it ‘normal’ to feel spent, like you can’t go on.

It might be common. But I don’t think that means it’s right.

Needing to rest more. Knowing your limits and putting your feet up when your body is calling for it. Especially towards the end of pregnancy, this feels like a nourishing way to go through your pregnancy.

But real exhaustion and fatigue. Maybe there is something that can be done.

Is your exhaustion linked to lack of sleep? If it could be check out this blog – click this link

We have so many remedies as homeopaths that could help here. The way you would see the best results is to visit a homeopath and let them assess the bigger picture.

Some of the common remedies can help in an acute situation where you match the remedy well. I’ll pop some of those key symptoms below.

Sudden onset of symptoms.
Overwhelmed, run down feeling.
Mood swings.
Indifferent to things that usually bring you joy (children, partner, etc).
Nervous and irritable.
Legs feel weak.
All symptoms are worse in morning.

Impatient, irritable, depressed, and restless feelings.
Aversion to work, feeling lazy.
Desire for alcohol.
Worse for hunger, heat, and in the afternoon.

Veratrum album
Extreme, sudden onset.
Disconnected feeling.
Increased hunger.
Cold hands and feet.
Feeling worse after a bowel movement and from the cold.
Extreme nervousness.
Feeling faint and wanting to lie down.
Worse for any exertion, even very slight, or talking.

Calcarea phosphorica
Feeling of being worn out.
Sensitive to the cold.
Heavy feeling in the limbs, and weak legs.
Pale face.

Remember to give yourself what you need. You are important, as is your baby. So where you can, ask and listen.

If you’re exhaustion is more long term, or goes alongside other issues. Book a free 15 minute chat with me to see how I can help – click this link

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