Baby Reflux and Vomiting Helped with Homeopathy

When babies bring up their milk when they are feeding, or shortly after, this can be called reflux or GER (Gastroesophageal reflux). As they are so little it can look like spitting, or full-on vomiting. It usually starts around 8 weeks old, and it’s a common issue for little ones. It can be really difficult on mother and baby, especially if the child is breastfeeding and there have been other challenges around this too.

Other symptoms of reflux, other than vomiting, include fussing, coughing or hiccoughing during feeding, refusing to eat or only eating small amounts, crying and not settling especially around feeding, and possibly not gaining weight if they cannot keep the milk down.

Some babies don’t actually vomit with this at all, and this is called silent reflux. In this case the milk comes up from their stomach, but is not actually vomited out.

Below are some of the top remedies that can help with reflux and vomiting. Mild acute symptoms can be treated yourself, but for anything else consult a professional.


Infants that cannot tolerate milk. Vomiting as soon as milk is swallowed. Sleepiness or prostration following vomiting. Burning thirst.

Kali Carbonicum

Wants to feed frequently, but milk disagrees with them. Gagging and choking whilst feeding. Vomit is sour. Distended abdomen. Flatulence.


Refuses the breast. Vomiting on swallowing milk. Sour vomit and belches. Pain in the upper abdomen, which is worse by pressure. Distended stomach, with hot legs.


Much flatulence and gurgling tummy. Bloating and distention of the stomach. Better for passing wind. Worse 4-8pm. Better lying on the right hand side.


Pain made worse by any small motion. Lots of thirst. Baby will bring their legs up towards their chest. Belching. Pain in the stomach that is worse for pressure.

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