Can Homeopathy help with my baby’s Cradle Cap?

I get asked this a lot.
Usually from parents of babies a few months old.
The cradle cap came, and won’t go away.
Can homeopathy help?
The answer is, probably.
But does it always need to?
In my opinion, if something it’s not uncomfortable or unpleasant for the baby, maybe we could leave it.
Overusing any medicine can cause confusion and issues.
It’s your call.
If you do want to look at your baby’s cradle cap, here are the most common remedies.
Please check out the full remedy picture before using it.
Not sure how to give your baby a remedy? Check this blog out on how – click this link.

Calcarea carbonica
Thick scales or crusts on the scalp
Sour smelling
Babies with sweaty heads
Slow to teeth and walk
Fearful babies

Scales can vary in what they look like
Baby will be thin and windy
Irritable and babies who tantrum

Dry and itchy scales
May have an odour
Restless babies
Sensitive to heat and better for fresh air
Discharges are hot and smelly

I hope this was helpful. Get in touch if you have any questions.

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