Homeopathic Consultations

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First homeopathic consultation

A homeopathic consultation is a really beautiful space. It’s where you can explore exactly what is causing you problems, and how it is affecting your life. In this busy world, it can be a rare opportunity to focus on yourself, and what you need.

First consultations are up to one and a half hours long. We will discuss in detail the reasons you have started homeopathic treatment. We’ll look at when things started, what’s been going on, and how it’s affecting you. We’ll do this for all of your symptoms, and anything that is bothering you.

I’ll ask for details of your medical history, and your recent family medical history. I will form a picture, and start to understand who you are, and what’s going on for you. From this I will come up with an individualised homeopathic health plan for you.

After the consultation I’ll email you your homeopathic prescription, with details of how to buy, take and store your remedies. We’ll then stay in touch up to your next appointment, on any changes or queries you have.

Homeopathy is all about individuality. The remedies I prescribe and the recommendations I make will be as individual as you are.

Follow up homeopathic consultation

We’ll arrange a time that works for you to discuss how you are progressing. This is usually every month, but can be more or less often depending on your needs. All follow up appointments are about 30 minutes.

We’ll look at what has changed since taking the last remedies, and what still needs addressing. Your individual situation will dictate what remedies you receive and when. There is no set protocol here, each prescription is individual to you and your needs.

You can schedule follow up appointments one-by-one, or in a package at a reduced rate.

Family consultations

I often treat a few members of the same family, and offer a package that reduces the overall cost of treatment. Following each family member having a separate first consultation, I can see two or more family members together for follow up consultations. We can discuss and plan what would be best for your family.

Acute homeopathic consultation

For issues that have only been around for a short time, up to 3 weeks. An acute consultation will last up to 20 minutes, and will focus just on what is going on right now. I will ask you to give me details about this full set of symptoms, and we will discuss how best for you to get hold of remedies in the quickest way.


What, when and how

I see patients from all over the world, via video call. I usually use Zoom, but can use other platforms if you would prefer. Ideally find a time and space where you won’t be disturbed.

You can book an appointment in your time zone, that works for you, straight into my calendar.

If you are based in Somerset, UK, you can come and see me at the Lifecare Health Clinic in Frome.

Following the consultation, I will email your homeopathic prescription. This will include full details of where to buy the remedies, and when to take them.

Payment can be taken by credit card during the consultation, or by PayPal or bank transfer shortly after.

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