Early Postpartum Homeopathic Remedies

Birth is intense. It can be wonderful, it can be brutal.

In those first few days and weeks afterwards, you need to look after yourself.

Not only so that you can recover and look after your baby.

But because you deserve it too.

If it’s uncomfortable, agony, exhausting, emotional or in any other way in need of support, homeopathy can help.

Below are some remedies that can really help in these first few days and weeks. These just cover some of the most common physical conditions. If what you’re experiencing isn’t covered below get in touch.


Useful after pretty much any birth. Reduces bruising and swelling, and helps with any feeling of soreness. Arnica also helps to integrate emotional trauma.


For all things wound healing, and as an antiseptic. Take internally as a homeopathic remedy, and apply Hypercal tincture (Hypericum and Calendula) to the wound for healing. If you had a vaginal birth, soak a sanitary towel or clean flannel in the diluted tincture, and lay it over your vagina for 5 minutes a couple of times a day. For C-section recovery, clean the wound with the diluted tincture daily for 7 days.


Very useful for the healing of wounds in areas with a high density of nerves (like the vagina). Useful following any birth, but especially when recovering from an episiotomy.

Bellis perenis

For deep tissue healing. For vaginal births this is useful to help heal any internal organs that may have been bruised through labour. For C-section deliveries, it helps heal the deep tissue wounds.


Useful in recovery from a C-section, or any surgery. Especially if you have any feeling of resentment.


For unbearable afterpains, that are worse when the baby nurses. Makes you frantic and angry.


For afterpains, especially if you feel weepy and weak, with no thirst.


If your birth has left you in shock and fearful.

Watch this space for a blog on emotional recovery postpartum, or book a free 15 minute chat here to see how I can help.

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