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Free Webinar: Explaining all things Homeopathy, Babies and Toddlers.

Tuesday 9th May – 1pm EST / 6pm BST
We’ll discuss:
What are the most commonly used remedies for babies and toddlers in acute situations
How and when to use the remedies
Real life case examples.
The webinar will be one hour long, with plenty of time for any questions you have.
Come and join me.


Homeopathy for Newborn Babies Course

Do you want to keep your newborn baby well and happy?

If yes, then this course is designed for you.

This course is going to mean:

  • You can help your newborn baby when they are in pain or are sick
  • Your newborn doesn’t have to suffer, you can help them
  • You can treat your newborn baby with natural medicine that has no toxic side effects
  • You will be confident in using homeopathic remedies for your children.

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