For the cuts and bruises, and the tears

The sun’s starting to come out here in Frome.

My family love spending time outside. My very energetic toddler comes alive.

There’s plenty of running around, and playing, and starting to learn how to use his little tricycle, and happiness, and excitement, …

And inevitably those falls. Those bumps. Those tears. And those cuts and bruises.

I often get asked if there is anything else that could help alongside Arnica.

Good first aid of course is important.

Knowing when and what to do in terms of cleaning, bandaging and management I think is essential if you have kids.

There are loads of great paediatric first aid courses out there.

Also knowing when to use medical professionals and the emergency medical services.

Make sure you know the warning signs, and if in doubt my mantra is get them checked out.

How can homeopathy help?

Yes, Arnica is magical. I keep some in my handbag.

There are other remedies that can help too.

Check out below for more details.



  • Of course, our gateway to homeopathy.
  • Many people use Arnica and have no idea it is homeopathic.
  • It’s a wonderful remedy. Known well to help reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Not everyone realises it can significantly reduce pain too.
  • Given as soon as possible it can remove the bruising element all together.
  • As homeopaths we also use more high potency Arnica for emotional traumas that have got stuck.
  • It can have remarkable effects for helping a patient to process past trauma, no matter how long ago.
  • It can also be very useful for birth trauma, when indicated by the whole picture.



  • Excellent to help wound healing and reducing the chance of infection.
  • The remedy helps healing from the inside out.
  • Especially when there is redness, soreness and signs that infection is starting. Including the onset of thick yellow pus.
  • If you apply calendula ointment, cream or tincture to the outside of the cleaned wound too, it will help on all levels.



  • This remedy is said to be useful for injuries to nerve rich areas.
  • What does that mean in reality?
  • It is brilliant for crushed fingers or toes – think slamming your fingers in a door. Useful for that, and those types of sensations.
  • Landing on your coccyx is another one.
  • When the pain is severe, intense and tearing.
  • They don’t want to be touched.
  • Think Hypericum.



  • For puncture wounds, in essence.
  • Standing on a nail, a deep splinter with pain. Things like this.
  • It can also be useful for difficult recoveries from a needle epidural.



  • A lesser-known remedy.
  • For wounds with a lot of bleeding, especially caused by falling over.
  • Bright red blood flow.
  • When the wound does not seem to be able to clot.
  • This remedy can really help to move the wound past this stage, allowing it to clot and eventually heal.


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