Homeopathic Birth Sessions

Using homeopathic remedies through your birth can be really helpful for yourself and your baby.

Homeopathy can help you during your birth with:

Slow onset of labour, or stop and start contractions

Pain management

Emotional issues such as fear, wanting to give up, and anger


Recovery and healing

To use homeopathy effectively during your birth, your birth partner needs to have a solid understanding of how to use homeopathy, and what remedies to use and when. You’re out of action here, so it’s pretty much all down to your birth partner.

The session will be totally bespoke to you and your birth partner, or birth partners. It will be one and a half hours long, and take place online via videocall, with me.

No experience of using homeopathy is necessary. I will teach you everything you need to know.

In this session we will:

Discuss your pregnancy so far, hopes and dreams for your birth and baby, and any concerns you may have

Talk about what homeopathy is, how it’s useful for birth, and exactly how to use it to help your birth progress in the best way

Take a detailed look at the main remedies to be used in labour, when and how to use them

Discuss the remedies that will be useful for healing and recovery.

An easy-to-use eBook accompanies this session, for you to use during your birth, and beyond if you wish.

Before the session we will discuss what homeopathic remedies or kit you should buy, to have available for your birth. I will give you full details on how to order these in good time for your birth session, and birth.

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