Homeopathy for Braxton Hicks

Is it labour yet?

Braxton Hicks feel ‘different’ to contractions. But if you’ve never had contractions, how will you know?

What’s happening is your womb is contracting and relaxing, but labour hasn’t started yet. These can also be called false labour pains.

You are likely to feel a tightening or hardening of your abdomen. This may be uncomfortable, but shouldn’t be painful.

Braxton Hicks can just be interesting, and a nice sign that your body is getting ready for eventually birthing your baby.

But for some women, especially towards the end of pregnancy, Braxton Hicks can hinder sleep and become exhausting. They can also lead to disappointment if you’re keen for your little one to show their face.

Homeopathic remedies can help here.

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If you get Braxton Hicks, not all women do, try to use them to practise your breathing and relaxation techniques for birth. Breathe gently and slowly until they have passed.

Seek advice if any bleeding or unusual discharge starts, or if the pain becomes intense or prolonged.

Remedies that can help with Braxton Hicks contractions need to be considered for their wider remedy picture.

Braxton Hicks have such a small area of symptoms on their own – a hardening of your abdomen – so we need to look a bit further afield to see what remedies can help if you are uncomfortable.

Below are details of some remedies that have helped women with discomfort caused by Braxton Hicks. Remember to read the whole remedy picture in a Materia Medica before taking it, as the below is just a summary aimed to help narrow down your remedy choice:


Things feel like they are happening quickly. Redness of the face or eyes. A throbbing headache with a red face. Not wanting to be touched or examined. Restless and possibly tearful.

Calc Carb

Chilly feeling, with a want for fresh air. Sweating, especially of your head. Anxious, especially about your health. Hard to concentrate. Fear that people will notice you are confused or anxious.


No other symptoms – just Braxton Hicks (that are uncomfortable enough to prescribe on).


Irritable and oversensitive to the pain. Feeling cold and troubled by wind. Sleepy, but cannot sleep. Wanting to be left alone, not touched, spoken to or looked at.


Feeling nervous, excitable and sensitive to what’s going on around you. Diarrhoea with the anticipation of labour. Wanting things to be quiet, and to be left alone.

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