Homeopathy for Colds and Flu

You’ve had a great summer with your kids. They’ve been playing outside. You feel refreshed. Everyone is topped up on Vitamin D.

September hits, school starts, and everyone gets ill, again and again …

Sound familiar?

If not, don’t read any further. You’re smashing it.

For many of us though, as the autumn starts to show its head, so does lots of coughs and colds.

Maybe you’re putting your toddler into childcare for the first time. These remedies can really help you here too.

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Check out this comprehensive list of cough and cold remedies. See if one sounds like a good match. For advice on the potency and dose for the remedy, go here.


For the first sign of illness. Symptoms that come on suddenly, especially if they’ve been out in a cold wind. Sneezing or tingling in the nose, burning dry throat, thirsty, restless, worse at night.

Allium Cepa

Streaming cold. Watery eyes that don’t burn, with a runny nose that does cause burning (red top lip). Sore muscles and tired feeling. Better for fresh air, worse for a warm room. Raw feeling in the throat and chest.


Frequent painful sneezing, with a thin watery burning discharge from the nose (red top lip). Chilly feeling. Anxious and restless, wanting to be looked after. Suffocative mucous on the chest, with a whistling sound in the breathing. Shortness of breath. A cough that may change between being wet and dry.


Sudden onset, high temperature, skin dry hot and burning. Bright eyes with dilated pupils and photophobia (discomfort from bright light). Nose red and sore without much discharge. Sore throat, worse on the right. A tickly cough with much increased thirst. Restless.


Much sneezing in a cold that is spreading to the chest. Headache, very thirsty, irritable and wants to be left alone. Everything is worse for movement. Eyes red and watery, lips and mouth dry.


Streaming cold. Watery eyes that burn, with a runny nose that does not burn. (The opposite eye and nasal symptoms to Allium cepa).

Ferrum Phos

A slow onset cold, that is heading for the ears and chest. Sore throat, chesty cough, with eyes that are red and burning.


Sluggish, heavy, aching limbs. Shivery and chilly. Sore nasal discharge. Eyes heavy, tongue coated, a tickling and tearing cough. Better for urinating.

Hepar Sulph

For the later stages of a cold. Much sneezing, with a thick yellow-greenish discharge, splintering pains in the ears. Chilly feeling, with a great sensitivity to cold and draughts.

Nat Mur

Loss of sense of taste and smell. A runny nose with a bland discharge that looks like runny egg. Irritable feeling. Worse in the morning, from exertion and heat. Better from fresh air. Wants to be left alone.

Nux Vomica

A cold with morning sneezing fits. A nose that runs all day and is blocked up at night. Mouth dry. Very chilly, cannot get warm. Irritable.

Merc Sol

Runny nose that burns, and watery eyes that also burns. Everything is worse from heat or cold. Enlarged glands, ulcers in the mouth and throat. Thirst for cold drinks. Weak and exhausted.


Colds from being run down. Begins in the chest or throat, streaks of blood after sneezing, a sore throat with a hoarse voice. A nose that changes between being blocked and running.


Yellow, thick bland discharges. Loss of sense of taste and smell. Chapped lips. Thirstless and loss of appetite. Wants lots of attention and sympathy.

If you’re escaping it all and taking your kids away, don’t go without reading this on what homeopathic remedies to take with you and why.

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