‘Is He Sleeping Through the Night Yet?’

The dreaded question for many parents.

I’ve been there, too many times.

On the outside I smile, and usually give some answer that deflects with humour, like ‘Yeh right’, or ‘Sleep, what’s that?’

On the inside I have often wanted to cry.

The problem with homeopathy and children is, what is a symptom?

Children are symptom machines.

They generate them ten to the dozen.

But is it really a symptom? Is there an imbalance? How can you tell?

For homeopathy to work there has to be a symptom, or much better a group of symptoms.

An imbalance in the child’s vital force is shown outwardly by a symptom. We use these symptoms to prescribe individualised homeopathic remedies, that work by bringing the vital force back into balance.

If you give too many remedies, then the vital gets confused and the chance of remedies working is reduced. Not good news.

My rule of thumb is that if my child is in pain, or really uncomfortable, of course he needs help.

And homeopathy can be amazing for this.

If it is me that is suffering (for instance from lack of sleep) is it going to help my child if I prescribe remedies? Is his vital force going to rebalance from this energetic remedy?

Or am I just going to be left feeling like another thing hasn’t helped?

As always with homeopathy, every individual situation will have a different answer.

So, in short- is there something to prescribe on?

In my experience, with sleep in infants, the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Constitutional prescribing is by far the most likely way to see progress here.

There are some common homeopathic remedies for sleep issues that I’ll discuss below. These may help, and you may also see the problems returning.

There are many possible reasons why your child may have challenges sleeping. Addressing the cause is your best bet to seeing a lasting change here. That can only be done by a professional homeopath.

If you want to book a free 15 minute chat with me, you can tell me about your child and their challenges. I will be honest with you as to whether I think I can help – whether there is something to prescribe on or not.

Some common remedies for infant’s sleep –

Coffea cruda

The child that fights sleep and is very awake. Sensitive to noise. There is a restlessness, with much tossing and turning.


Angry children, with much hitting and kicking. Whining, screaming, and impossible to comfort. Babies that have to be carried. Especially useful when teething is also occurring.


Wakes screaming, as if from nightmares or night terrors. Terrified of the dark. Hitting, biting and very tearful.


Sleeplessness that is linked to wind. Discomfort in the stomach. Angry babies.

You don’t have to deal with this alone.

Sometimes it is you that needs support, not your child.

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, click here to contact me.

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