It Worked Like Magic

Helen (not her real name) came to see me. She was 27 weeks pregnant with her fourth child, and her main complaint was excruciating heartburn. She had a very intense burning sensation, which got worse with things like lying on her left side and eating. She had it with every pregnancy, and nothing she tried helped.

Another issue was insomnia. With three kids she was woken up frequently in the night, and then she could never get back to sleep. She’d just lie there wide awake, worrying.

That was a big issue for Helen when I first saw her. She was very anxious, especially about her health and that of her kids. She couldn’t get the difficult things she’d been through in her life out of her head. They plagued her, and this got even worse at night.

Helen had what she called ‘irrational worries’. She’d worry about things happening to her kids, and she knew they were very unlikely, but she couldn’t stop them from being there all the time.

Helen was also struggling with pelvic girdle pain, which got much worse when she was walking or bending over.

In our first consultation Helen and I explored the details of her issues; when they started and how they were affecting her. Along with details of her previous pregnancies and births, her medical history and recent family medical history.

I prescribed her high potency Arsenicum album, and this is what she said a month later:

‘The remedy worked like magic on the heartburn, it was the first thing to go. I didn’t think there was anything that could be done for that. My insomnia was so problematic, it still happens, but very very rarely. It’s gone from being really debilitating, to much more manageable. My pelvic pain was really bad. My osteopath said it would just get worse and worse as my pregnancy went on. It is totally better now. I feel much more grounded and positive.’

Helen continued to progress well through her pregnancy, and through the birth of her little baby. I continue to treat Helen, her husband and her children. Recently she told me this:

‘I’m so grateful that my family have you to help us. My son’s nosebleeds stopped and never came back, he was having them so often before. He is also now doing so much better with his friends and at school. My husband is also doing so well, I’m sure his recovery has a lot to do with you. Thank you so much.’

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