Itchy skin in pregnancy

It’s a weird one.

Why would your skin itch when you’re pregnant?

I’m not sure anyone knows for certain, but it’s thought to be to do with the changes in your hormone levels at this time.

Thankfully, your body has the answers. It may just need a bit of help in the right direction, by homeopathic remedies.


What to look for?

Try to work out what’s specific about your itch.

Is it worse in some area of your body?

Does it get better at points during the day, or night?

Does cold or heat help, or a cool shower, or does the warmth of bed make it even worse?

These are the bits that help you pick the remedy that could make all the difference.


Some of the common homeopathic remedies that could help.

I’ve only chosen the top ones, so get in touch if you can’t find what works for you – click here.



Intense itching of the skin, with a burning feeling.

No swelling or rash.

Worse at night, and on the shoulders, knees and elbows.



Pimply eruptions on the skin.

Dry, scaly skin.

Violent itching, turning to burning when scratched.

Worse at night, from warmth of bed.



Itching all over the body.

Pimply eruptions, that feel like insect bites.

Better from fresh air.

Worse for being inside, or extremes of hot or cold.


Mercurius solubilis

Itchy, moist skin.

Skin sweats easily.

Pussy, yellow eruptions.

Better when on the go.

Worse with sweating, at night, when gets warm.


If the itchy is very severe?

If you’re getting itching all over, with any of these symptoms, get checked out by a medical professional to rule out cholestasis. Itching worse at night, yellow skin or yellowing to the whites of your eyes, dark urine or a pale stool.


If you’ve found some of this useful, download my free ebook on using homeopathic remedies during pregnancyclick here.

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