Potency and Dose – What and When

Homeopathy is a great way to support your health, and that of your family.

With a bit of knowledge and an open mind, you can treat acute minor symptoms yourself.

What’s an acute minor symptom? – see this blog for more information on what can be treated at home, and what needs to be taken to a professional homeopath.

So, you’ve done the hard work.

You’ve decided you can treat the symptoms yourself.

And you’ve worked out what remedy is needed.

If you haven’t done that yet, check out this blog to help you choose the correct remedy.

Now all that’s left is to decide what potency, and how often to take the remedy.

POTENCY – the number and letter after the remedy name

Examples of potencies are 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 6X.

There are many many potencies, but these are some of the most common ones.

The potency of the remedy needs to be matched to the intensity of the symptoms.

When you are prescribing yourself at home, you will usually use a potency of 30C, or sometimes 12C. Most first aid kits sell remedies in 30C. These are perfect for cuts, bruises, colds, etc.

If the symptoms are very intense, for example during childbirth, then go up to a potency of 200C.

If things are even more intense, like a strong emotional fear, then 1M may be better here.

There are times when remedies should be repeated more often, but don’t do this without advice from a professional homeopath.

DOSE – how often to take the remedy

When you have decided what remedy and potency to take, take one tablet of this remedy.

One tablet is one dose.

If you take two tablets at once, it’s the same as taking one tablet. (So keep your stocks higher and just take one!)

Then, wait.

Watch and wait – this is really important. Don’t rush to overprescribe.

See if this helps with your symptoms.

If it does help, don’t take another dose until any symptoms start to return. Then take just one dose again.

If it doesn’t help, after one hour take one more dose. If you have taken 3 doses in this way and it has not helped, retake the case and choose a new remedy.

If the symptoms change, then retake the case and choose a different remedy.

How Many

As a guideline, take lower potency remedies up to 4 times a day. Lower potency remedies are anything up to 30C.

If you are using higher potency remedies than this, only take them occasionally.

If your symptoms persist or keep coming back, book a free 15 minute chat to see how I can support you.

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