Puffy, Swollen and Pregnant

Oh, it can be tough!

You’re getting towards the end of your pregnancy, things are getting pretty uncomfortable, and your hands, feet and ankles are all swollen.

Add in any element of summer and this usually makes things worse.

Slow and gradual swelling of these areas is normal in pregnancy. Sudden, rapid swelling isn’t. If you get this, or are worried at all, get checked out by a medical professional.

Keeping moving helps. Along with resting with your legs up when you can.

Here are some of the common remedies to help with this. As always, please read the full remedy picture before taking any remedies, and get in touch if you’re not sure.

Natrum muriaticum
No other symptoms, just the swelling

Apis mellifica
Rosy red, hot, sore skin.
Stinging, throbbing, bruised feeling.
Stiff and numb where the swelling is.
Worse for touch and heat.
Better for cold applications.
Tearful and restless.

Red, burning, clammy skin.
Cramps in the toes.
Anxious and irritable.

Rhus toxicodendron
Aching, shooting or tearing pain.
Hot painful joints with stiffness.
Tingling feet.
Sensation as if walking on needles.
Better for movement and heat.
Worse for cold.

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