Remedies – What, Where and How

Homeopathic remedies are truly wonderful things.

Little bundles of amazing healing energy.

After a consultation with me, I will tell you what remedies you have been prescribed – what they are, when to take them, and where to buy them.

Here is more information on what a consultation with me looks like.

Below are some common questions asked by my patients.

What do the remedies look like?

More often than not they come as pillules, that’s what I call them anyway, as in mini-pills. Other people call them pellets. They can be white or translucent, and small balls, flat or even little cylinders.

Remedies can also come as powders, granules, or liquid too.

It all depends on what I think will be best for you and your health journey.

How do I take homeopathic remedies?

In essence, take homeopathic remedies with a clean mouth. That is 20 minutes before or after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.

If you have pillules, pop one single pillule under your tongue. Leave it there until it dissolves (don’t crunch or swallow it).

That’s it – one dose of a homeopathic remedy taken.

If you are taking any other form of remedy, like a liquid form, I will give you clear instructions on how to take these. Follow these, and ask if you need any clarification, as some instructions can seem a little confusing!

Much is written about antidoting remedies with food.

I was once told by a very wise, amazing and experienced homeopath – ‘Your remedies are as robust as you are.’

They are extraordinary medicines and if you follow the above 20-minute rule, then in my experience the remedies will work as they should.

How do I store my homeopathic remedies?

Store your remedies in a dark place and away from essential oils.

As with all medicines, make sure children can’t get their hands on them.

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