Sleep and Pregnancy and Homeopathy

I remember when I started struggling to sleep towards the end of my pregnancy, and kept on being told it was practice for what was to come.
Harsh, but not true.
It’s the time you need sleep.
Your body is working so hard, and it needs to rest and recuperate.
So sleep issues can cause a lot of stress.
And of course be caused by it too.
Here’s some of my tips with how homeopathy can help for acute sleep issues.
Chronic issues, that have been around a while, will need a closer look at by a professional homeopath.
If that’s you, book a free 15 minute call to see how I can help – click this link.

Aconite napellus
Sleep issues following a shock.
Restless sleep.
Anxious, intense dreams.
Long dreams with anxiety in your chest.
Fear of death.
Panic that comes on in the evening or just after falling asleep.
Waking again a couple of
hours after falling asleep.

Coffea cruda
Light sleeping, waking at or hearing every sound.
Constantly moving around in bed.
Sleeps until 3am, after this only dozing.
Waking with a start.
Insomnia from excitement and good news.
Vivid dreams.
Racing mind and uncontrollable thoughts.

Conium maculatum
Feeling sleepy in the evening, finding it hard to keep your eyes open.
But not being able to fall asleep before midnight.
Sleep issues that may be caused by movement of the baby.
Nightmares, anxious and frightful.
Sweating on closing your eyes and going to sleep.
Disturbed and unrefreshing sleep.
Limbs jerking around in your sleep.
Sensitive to noise.

Irresistible sleepiness in the afternoon.
Wide awake in the evening.
First sleep very restless.
Overactive thoughts, repeating in your head.
Anxious, vivid dreams.
Talking, whining and screaming in your sleep.
Insomnia that is worse before midnight.
Waking feeling unrefreshed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how homeopathy can help here. If you think one of these remedies is a good match, look up the full symptom picture to check first.

There are many more remedies too. I’ve just included the top few here.

Get in touch to find out more.

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