Charlie took so much care and time to get to an understanding of the root of the problem. We are relieved, thrilled and would recommend you try homeopathy sooner than we did.

Charlie made me feel extremely comfortable and it is the first time I’ve felt truly heard in a long time. 6 months later I was free of many life limiting symptoms.

My sleep problems were so problematic- it still happens, but very rarely.

I find Charlie utterly amazing. She is honest and transparent, that I love.

My pain around my pelvis was really bad. My osteopath said it would just get worse and worse as my pregnancy went on. It is totally better now.

When I wake up in the morning I have some energy now and I feel rested.

My bowel issues were really uncomfortable. It is totally fine now.

I’m so grateful that my family have you to help them. My son’s nosebleeds stopped and never came back, he was having them so often before. My husband is doing so well, I’m sure his recovery has a lot to do with you.

I’ve been feeling really really good. Really energetic. It was so intense. I didn’t know how I was going to move through it. The remedy really helped.

It was not until meeting with Charlie that I was able to see the beauty of homeopathy. It has been a gift to have Charlie’s help.

I feel much much better than I did. I wasn’t able to participate in life before, it was really intense. I don’t have the all-day exhaustion that I did have. I don’t feel nauseas all the time.

I used to feel there was nothing I could really do about any health issues. I now know there is something that can relieve my symptoms, which is a relief.

Overall I have improved a lot – really a lot – thank you for that.

My libido has improved which is great. My body odour has improved. I am not worrying so much. I’m not light-headed like I was.

I just can’t believe you gave me one thing and it is working.

My hair hasn’t been dry for months. I no longer have embarrassing dandruff and can use my old shampoo again. Thank you so much.

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