Their poor little bottoms

Babies feel so helpless sometimes. And nappy rash is one of them.

It will be red and inflamed, sore and often hot to touch. It might make them grouchy and uncomfortable, or they may not appear to notice it. Either way a good dose of nappy free time is often one of the best remedies.

Homeopathic remedies can help with these symptoms, especially if they don’t improve with time exposed to the air.

Below are some of the main remedies. Remember please that these are just remedy highlights, and full details of a remedy should be researched before it is used.

Apis mel
Red shiny skin
Possible swelling
Hot to touch
Sore and sensitive
Better for uncovering or cold applications
Worse for heat and touch

Dry, red, itchy skin, sometimes with deep cracks
Could be bleeding
Worse in the skin folds

Rhus tox
Burning itchy skin
May become flaky
Better for covering

Red, burning skin, possibly red raw
Intensely itchy
Bleeding in the later stages
Better for uncovering
Worse for washing, night and heat

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