Too much Sun?

What’s the best way to avoid sunburn? Don’t be in the sun for too long.

Spend a good amount of time in the shade, and make sure youngsters’ skin is well covered. They burn easily.

If you or your kids have had too much sun though, homeopathy can help with the symptoms.

Especially in young children, take them to see a medical professional if you have any cause for concern.

Urtica urens
The first remedy thought of for sunburn.
Intensely itchy skin.
Stinging pain with sunburn.
Cold water and application may make it worse.

Helps especially with the pain with sunburn.
Stinging, smarting and burning pains.
Skin has a tendency to blister.

Burning, itchy, patchy skin.
Skin may be swollen or raised.
Better by cold water of cold applications.

All of these remedies can seem quite similar. Remember to look up the full remedy picture before using any, and get in touch if you need more specific help.

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