Top Remedies for Travelling with Kids

There is no experience like taking your family somewhere new.

It’s intense. It takes a lot of thought and planning. But it’s so worth it for the look on their faces when they are exploring a different experience or a new part of the world.

Things don’t always go to plan though.

I never travel without these homeopathic remedies close to hand.

I want to feel like ‘I’ve got this’.

These remedies help me do that:


For bee stings and insect bites. When they are hot to touch. Have a stinging pain and swell. When they get relief from cold applications.


For any type of shock. Take it straight after the incident, before the remedy that matches what has happened. Also for the early stages of flu or cold symptoms.


For all things bruised and traumatic. Bumps and falls. Also very useful for jet lag.


Stomach bugs and food poisoning. Violent vomiting and deathly nausea. Burning pains, and anxious restlessness go alongside this.


Fevers, with throbbing pains. Things are hot and red. Early stages of an infection.


Colds and flu that come on slowly. Headaches that are worse for any movement.


Helps healing of any wound, cut, scald or burn. Often taken alongside Arnica.


Teething and fevers. Fractious and irritable. Heat on one side of the face.


Travel sickness. A remedy second-to-none for this. Also for emotional exhaustion from lost sleep.

Hepar sulph

Boils and abscesses. Chesty coughs.


Injuries to an area with lots of nerves. Trapped fingers for example.


Puncture wounds. Bites and stings, with a shooting pain.

Mixed pollens

Hayfever. Itching, burning and watery eyes.

Nux vomica

Over-indulgence. Indigestion and irritability.


Clingy and teary. Useful for coughs and colds.


Sprains and strains.

If, even after using these first aid remedies, the problem is not resolved or the symptoms keep returning, it may be time to look at building your resilience and strengthening your immunity. To see how we could work together to support you in this, book a free 15 minute introductory call.

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