What Happens After the Remedy?

So, you’ve done the hard work.

You’ve identified your symptoms, and carefully chosen a remedy for a first aid situation.

If you’re not sure what you can prescribe yourself for, and what you need a homeopath to help with, read here.

You’ve taken one dose of the remedy – that’s one single tablet.

What happens now?

That’s the golden question really!

Option 1 – You could start feeling better, very quickly sometimes.

The symptoms could start to reduce, and may disappear.

In this instance, you just watch and wait.

Don’t do anything unless the symptoms start coming back again.

If they do, and they are the same as before, take one more dose. Then wait again, and see.

Option 2 – You feel better, then new symptoms come.

If the symptoms go away, but then new symptoms start appearing, or it feels different from before, then you need a different remedy.

Address these symptoms – look at them objectively and then select a new remedy.

For more information on how to select a remedy, go here.

Take a dose, then this process starts again.

Option 3 – Nothing happens.

If nothing happens after taking a remedy, then you wait.

(Which is really hard when you feel unwell or uncomfortable).

Wait for around one hour. If still nothing happens take one more dose of the same remedy.

If still nothing happens, you can take one more dose after one further hour.

If still nothing, I would say you have the wrong remedy. Go back and look at the symptoms, and choose another well matching remedy. And start again.

Option 4 – The symptoms get better, then keep coming back.

The other thing that can commonly happen with self-prescribing is you get some relief, but the symptoms just keep coming back again.

This means there is more to the story.

Something is stopping you from getting better.

There could be more going on for you than these symptoms, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

It could be a maintaining cause: something in your life that is keeping these symptoms active. Maintaining causes can be physical (medicines, drugs, lifestyle choices etc) or emotional (relationships, thought patterns and so on).

To see your symptoms be resolved, and to boost your overall health, you need to see a professional homeopath.

They will be able to look at your whole medical and personal history, view your symptoms objectively and address the cause of what is going on.

If this sounds like it could help you, click here to book a free 15 minute call with me to chat about this.

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