Why a Homeopath Sees a Homeopath

Surely no one is better qualified to treat themselves than a homeopath. Three or four years of training, loads of clinical experience, surely you’ve seen it all.

You may well have seen it before. But when it’s yourself, or someone close to you, it is almost impossible to prescribe remedies in an unbiased way.

And homeopathy based on bias isn’t going to work. It’s as simple as that really.

Illness is a tricky thing. It plays with your mind. Have you ever noticed that it is hard to think straight when you feel unwell, or when your children are poorly?

Imagine then trying to look at their symptoms without emotion. Trying to not make assumptions, but seeing the symptoms for exactly as they are. Comparing remedy pictures and deciding clearly on which one is the best fit. Trying to assess whether a remedy has had an effect or not, when all you are hoping for is for everyone to get better, right away.

Whether it is acute or chronic, short or long term, this is much the same. (Follow this link to find out what the difference between acute and chronic symptoms are.)

Illness rarely just disappears. We homeopaths know that well. Homeopathic remedies often help the symptoms to move through quicker, but the symptoms are very unlikely to disappear immediately. (This happens occasionally. I try to be utterly grateful when it does, rather than having any expectation of this).

So, if a homeopath needs a homeopath, I would argue so does everyone else.

To look at your case with fresh eyes. To see it for exactly what it is, whether it is a cold that’s been around a few days, or a long debilitating set of symptoms.

Call on someone else for support at these times.

You’ll be thankful for it when you’re all better!

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